Vivianna Rodriguez, Coastal Alabama Organizer


In her own words:

I am a young Mexican American woman, alumna from the University of South Alabama, and a former Northview Cougar.   

The night before my high school graduation my mother was arrested, detained for weeks and almost deported. I was robbed of my first graduation moment in life. My anger towards injustice quickly evolved into activism unknowingly. I started participating in marches and events since 2011, the year HB56 threatened my family and countless others across the state. I continued getting involved time after time, that I ultimately became a leader within my community. Until recently, I was the youth representative for the Board of Directors of Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice and former Steering Committee since 2013. Throughout my journey as I like to call - gladiator for Immigrant Justice -  ACIJ has trained me to tap into the skills set required. I now have the pleasure to serve as the South East Regional Organizer.

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