No More Fear

This presidential administration is, once again, trying to instill fear and chaos among our communities by threatening to deport millions of people through massive raids. We are tired of Trump using our families as political pawns to motivate his followers, fueling them with the sense of hate and xenophobia that has characterized his administration.

Our community has and will continue to stand strong against attacks like these, or like the Alabama law HB-56 in 2011 that sought to criminalize our existence. Even in those hard times we never "cracked", and we resisted.  We fight for our families and our heritage. We will show once again that our resiliency is stronger than their hate, and they cannot scare us with threats. We have the power to organize ourselves, and we are informed and prepared in the case that these mass raids happen.

Our coalition is working to empower the community in the face of these threats by:

• Offering “Know Your Rights” workshops to members, friends, and neighbors throughout the state

• Allying with our partners in a Rapid Response Committee, which manages:

  • A toll-free deportation hotline (1-888-NO-ICE-AL)

  • Rapid Response teams of people who confirm the location of the raid as it is reported

  • Volunteers to accompany people for court appointments in case of arrest

If you would like to have a workshop in your community, please call at (205) 945-0777 or write to us at press@acij,net

You can also help by signing up as a volunteer in the Rapid Response initiative as a verifier or accompaniment by signing here.

You can help us offer more workshops, send more volunteers, and keep the phone lines open by donating here.