Organizational Update / Actualización Organizacional

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors announces Saraí Portillo’s departure as Executive Director of the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice. 

Con una mezcla de tristeza y gratitud, la Mesa Directiva anuncia la partida de Sarai Portillo como Directora Ejecutivo de la Coalición de Alabama por la Justicia de los Inmigrantes, a partir del 20 de septiembre de 2019.

It’s a Moral Obligation! Protect Children and Refugees

The cruel treatment of the Central American exodus who fled their countries in fear for their lives is the worst of the many reckless acts of the current administration. While the Trump government denies its responsibility and seeks to cast blame for this situation elsewhere, the  reality of caged, traumatized, sick, even dying children exposes the failure to plan carefully and the inability of federal agencies to deal responsibly with this humanitarian crisis. Read More….

No More Fear

This presidential administration is, once again, trying to instill fear and chaos among our communities by threatening to deport millions of people through massive raids. We are tired of Trump using our families as political pawns to motivate his followers, fueling them with the sense of hate and xenophobia that has characterized his administration. Read More…

35K in 15 Days Campaign was very successful!

On October 18th, with a Cocktail Party we launched our fundraising campaign 35K in 15 days! The kick off was amazing!  To the party attended community members, sponsors and the general public. We raised a little more than $1,500!

Thank you so much to all the community and friends that help us raised $19,682! These two weeks we received a total of 131 contributions! The amount represents nearly the 60% of our ambitious goal. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without our generous donors. We also thank our amazing team for their hard work and dedication.

If you haven’t made your contribution yet, there’s still time!! Your ongoing support helps us continue our working of fighting for immigrants in Alabama. 

Alabama VOTA 2018 Outcomes

These past weeks we focused our efforts on the Alabama VOTA campaign in Jefferson, Madison, and Mobile counties where a high concentration of Latino voters is located. Each election cycle, we demonstrate the power of Alabama's Latino community by increasing voter turnout, registration, and civic education. Our staff and volunteer registered 100 new voters, knocked on nearly 1,500 doors and made nearly 2,000 phone calls in these counties. Among the canvassing and phone banking, we distributed 1,000 post cards encouraging Latino voters to go to vote. Immigrants form a key voting bloc in local, state, and national elections. Alabama VOTA gives to our community a voice in the 2018 midterms election.