Natividad Gonzalez, Central Alabama Consultant 


Natividad was born in Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico and has lived in Clanton, Alabama for over 13 years.

She realized the importance of participating in activism to meet the needs of her community during 2011 when HB56 threatened to destroy her family. She became involved with ACIJ and was able to organize with other community leaders, finding allies to support their work in order to put a stop to the barrage of arrests happening around them. She was trained through ACIJ to develop her leadership skills as an effective community leader, which is something she would like to give back in other communities. In 2013, she became a member of ACIJ’s Steering Committee (now its Board of Directors) as a representative of central Alabama. In 2017, she became ACIJ’s Central Alabama Consultant Organizer to once-again fight for her community in light of the new anti-immigrant administration. Natividad has always loved working very closely with her community, and her commitment is to help her people learn how to defend themselves.

She can be reached at