To protect Children and Refugees it’s a moral obligation!

The cruel treatment of the Central American exodus who fled their countries in fear for their lives is the worst of the many reckless acts of the current administration. While the Trump government denies its responsibility and seeks to cast blame for this situation elsewhere, the  reality of caged, traumatized, sick, even dying children exposes the failure to plan carefully and the inability of federal agencies to deal responsibly with this humanitarian crisis.

People, many of them children, have come to the border asking for U. S. protection from the violence and extreme poverty that exist in their home countries; however, they have received not assistance, but cruel and inhumane treatment. Advocates have been calling attention to this treatment of adults and children, have expressed outrage at the escalating deprivation in the camps—now the authorities have abandoned all decency with the withdrawal of schooling, recreation, and basic hygiene supplies. The report from the Clint, Texas, “detainment” facility describes an even worse level of filth and degradation. 

Our nation must be better than this. We demand that our elected leaders adhere to our constitutionally expressed values and address the border refugee crisis to prevent further loss of life and traumatization of people who have already suffered too much.

It’s our moral obligation to do something to stop this cruelty.

Call your representatives in Congress now!