20K for 2020 Campaign


2020 is a critical year for ACIJ and immigrant communities in Alabama. Elections, the census, and increasing ICE activity in Alabama are creating a breaking point for our communities. The coming year has the potential to be a serious blow to the security of our immigrant neighbors, or it can be the moment when we as a community of concerned citizens make it our priority to stand for the humanity of every single member of our great state. The funds we get through this drive will support our critical initiatives through 2020, a very big year for our country and state. These funds will go toward:

1. Encouraging civic participation and voter engagement in 2020.

2. Reuniting families after years apart through our Abrazando Nuestras Raíces program.

3. Expanding outreach through our Black and Brown Unity initiative to strengthen our community alliances.

4. Continuing programs that develop broad grassroots community leadership.

5. Encouraging youth engagement at our colleges, universities, and schools.

6. Building statewide a Rapid Response network to effectively protect our immigrant populations from an unjust and oppressive system.

You can learn more about each program by visiting each link.

As a coalition of justice-minded organizations and individuals, we know that our power lies in our people. We thank you for your support, and we look forward to this exciting and important 2020 year. 


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