• April 2020 Advocacy Opportunity

    Our immigrant families are facing attacks on their health, economic stability, and public safety.  The national stimulus packages have left out thousands of Americans, including veterans, senior citizens, and immigrants.  As a result, many immigrants in our state have no choice but to continue working, even if they or their co-workers may be at risk for COVID-19.  To make matters worse, Alabama has not yet provided a language-accessible hotline for COVID-19 symptoms and testing appointments. Amidst this crisis, we’re also facing Alabama Senator Orr’s proposed SB-108 bill, which threatens local government officials who fail to comply with federal immigration enforcement.  


  • National: Deliver a COVID-19 health and stimulus bill that actually works for immigrant families

    Our nation is facing a pandemic that does not discriminate and threatens to wipe out people’s livelihoods and devastate our economy.  We are all in this together. But the legislation that Congress passed to respond to the COVID-19 leaves immigrant families out from critical programs. That’s why it’s crucial that Congress immediately delivers new COVID-19 legislation that 1) eliminates barriers to health screenings, 2) provides diagnosis and treatment, and 3) supports other basic needs for immigrant families.


    Information from Protecting Immigrant Families

  • Alabama: Stop SB-108

    This is a bill proposed by Alabama Senator Orr (R-Decatur) that threatens felony convictions for local law enforcement and others who fail to comply with immigration regulations for which they do not have adequate training.  Federal immigration enforcement is not the responsibility of local municipalities, and communities should not be expected to cover the costs.


    As we saw with the harsh anti-immigrant law HB56 in 2011, this bill will lead to profiling, improper arrests, and further separation of families in immigrant communities.  


    We’re tired of seeing laws that threaten communities, public safety, and economic development in our state for the sake of political gain.

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